About me and what I can do

Hey there, I’m André Ferreira, a 27 yo Web & Graphic Designer from Portugal but currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I graduated in Cinema, Video and Media Communication back in 2011 and there began my obligation passion for the IT universe.

From 2012 to October 2016 I was working at Information Planet (an educational agency to study abroad) and as I was the only IT guy around I believe that this helped me to get some cool skills set in this last four years.
I was the fourth member of a team that has now 13 and the company continues to grow, having some new branches like a travel agency, a language school, a new branch office and a twice a year study abroad fair. All this forced inspired me to grow as well.
I became versatile, self-taught and more careful to detail with the responsabilities I had (websites, design, marketing, facebook and google ads, analytics, setting up PCS, e-mail accounts, domains, servers, fix the printer and so on), joining the fact that I was in charge of the trainees in the last two years. I was responsible for their work but I also feel that I owe them, passing some knowledge, trying to help them at the beginning of their professional lives.

But now… NOW A NEW CHALLENGE BEGIN since I moved to Copenhagen!

At the moment I’m working at SimpleSite as a UI Designer.

Some work

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